Anarchical Networks

I think this is my most telling diagram from the analysis phase.  It also feeds my suspicions: I suspect the corporate model of being self-aggrandizing, of loving itself too much, but mostly of being greedy.  Yochai Benkler, in The Wealth of Networks, discusses the pattern of media condensation.  Over time, the transmission of information, from a media’s inception, becomes more and more exclusive.  The number of transmitters decreases, and consequently so does the number of opinions.  Who is to blame?  Well, Marx would blame all of us for participating in this capitalist system.  We ascribe value to everything – including knowledge!  So is knowledge gained from CNN more valuable than knowledge gained from Twitter?  Only insomuch as the value of knowledge depends on its source.  The purpose of Twitter-ian knowledge is noble, however.  Benkler advocates the public sphere, a discourse meant to enlighten all.  Democratize the news!  Let us all take part!  Like the forums of ancient Rome, we can decide for ourselves what is credible.  Or at least, we can make our own soapbox.

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