Evolution or Revolution?

The evolution of ideas have a great affect on the revolutions. Revolutions come about from a realization that the ideals of the country are no longer in the best interest of the community as a whole. The current FLOW of the community is disrupted and it increases, thus creating an event; A REVOLUTION.

This is a disaster related topic by nature. no one wants to be in the revolution, but if the change is needed the people of the community will act. Once a revolution begins it cannot be stopped the idea has been planted and it will only grow. Once a revolution beings it is bound to inspire others to follow.

I believe that it would be interesting to look at how the specifically happened in the middle east between January 25, 2011 and now.

I would like to see how the information traveled.

How the architecture effected the revolts?

Why some of them worked and others failed?

Why some are still going on while others have ended?

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