The Start of Time

I choose to continue my research with a concentration on the history of time and how it developed. All the research done in the first few weeks had a basis of time with how time affected its evolution. That sparked my interest in how time is able to have such a great impact on our lives. It seems strange that everyone lives by this concept of time that we have created and everyone follows but it is an intangible object. People obsess over it, with a desire to slow down time or even stop it momentarily. There are numerous novels written about the subject exploring different forms of time travel and why it would be a necessary accomplishment.

They range from stories such as Sleeping Beauty where the main character sleeps for 100 years and wakes up the same age, to other movies such as Back to the Future, where the two main characters travel both to the future and past without changing their age.

Through preliminary research I was able to conclude that time is our best attempt at connecting out bodies to the earth, and further more to the solar system. Each element of time is inspired from either the human body , the sun or the moon.

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