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Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Navigating Apathy

Navigating Apathy
Madeleine Kotiuga

Government is an important part of people’s lives. In essence it creates rules, guidelines for what occurs on a day to day basis and, in turn molds the culture of a country. This project began with research on the Arab spring. The causes of these revolts as well as the reactions that the people of these countries to demonstrate their desire to take control of their government. In the united states we the people have control of the government , but do we take full responsibility for that power? The choices and responsibilities that are given to the people to control should not be taken lightly, instead disputed topics should be actively discussed and brought to the attention of every citizen. The state of a country should be visible and apparent to the citizens to create a knowledge that allows people to propose intelligent change or to agree or disagree with a proposal for transform. This project attempts to dissolve the disengaged citizen through the use of space, movement and display. It will create a new representation of voting information that engages the average citizen, This will be accomplished through the architecture and time span of construction this project goes through as a pavilion. The architecture of politics has always directed the attention of the viewer forward, to the center. There is not an option of where to look, where to head, the direction of attention is predetermined whether it be marching lines or the traditional forum. In this space people will have to make the decision based on their interest in the different topics on display. Through the vaults and forms, contrasting ideas will be put side to side to inspire discussion with the movement suggested by the layout of the information. The Hub of this pavilion will be placed in front of city hall fourteen months prior to the next election. The hope is to encourage more people to run for the positions, as well as stay in the election. This will create a greater variety in the ideas and therefore more options for future leaders. The average citizen will be aware that there are more options for leaders than just the democrat and republican candidates thus increasing the motivation to get involved.

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