grass GIS

grassGIS documentation and tutorials

ArcGIS resource center


geoportal server

Esri Geoportal server


NYC GIS Center for Excellence

(scroll all the way down)

NYC open data

NYC open data zoning

NYS parks and recreation

NYS GIS clearinghouse

NYS oil gas and other wells

other nys List of data resources

(Scroll all the way down, includes Manhattan Timeformations, etc)

NYPL digital map division

other (Suffolk)

bytes of the big apple

 spatial information design lab

. 3D modeling Scripts

Kookugia Scripts wiki

RhinoScript main

RhinoScript wiki

Grasshopper – generative modelling for Rhino

Kangaroo – live physics engine for Rhino


Apomechanes code page

Apomechanes code page

. 2D modeling scripts/data visualization/ language


Daniel Shiffman tutorials (processing)

intheair (processing – mapping elements in Madrid’s sky)

Telekom (processing – visualizing data streams)

Mosstack (processing – block stacking software)

NPZ (processing – visualizing coastal marine ecosystems)


Density Scenario


. 3D modeling MISC

Genware (biothing code open code page)

Topological mesh Modeling – TopMod

Elementary Particle Explorer

Open Foam – computational fluid dynamics

. Interaction simulation/computation

Arduino Board

Arduino Software

. multi-agent programmable modeling environment


. mapping/visualization programs, applications, examples

visual complexity

. molecular/nano modeling

rosetta blog


(see other links in the metamaterials field)



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