RESEARCH Phase I :: SPECIAL TOPIC :: Weds. Aug. 29th – Weds. Sept. 28th

week 1: Intro. Topic presentation and discussion with readings.
week 2: Individual Research on Precedents and concepts for Cloud Architecture.
week 3: Individual Research on Scenario Design and Planning. Focus on Technological and Disaster Relief scenarios.
week 4: Selection and Depiction of theme and preliminary main goals of inquiry. Drawings and Diagrams depicting concepts, entities, objects, relationships.
Preliminary collective presentation of individual proposals (Sept. 19th).

week 5: Reviews: Sept. 26th and 28th

CLOUD Section Review: Friday Sept. 28th , Critics: Chris Perry, Ted Krueger (ACM)
RESEARCH Phase II :: SITE Selection/Analysis :: Fri.Sept.28th – Weds.Oct.24th

week 1: Individual Research on precedents for context: past catastrophe sites, natural disasters typologies.
week 2: Individual Research on strategic planning differences regarding sites/contexts. Schematic drawings outlining and depicting design components, applications, deployments and  post-facto evaluations.
week 3: Preliminary draft of context (site) timeline for thesis and proposal. Drawings, Diagrams and other documents outlining goals and objectives of thesis and proposal’s selected context.
Virtual Model of context.

week 4: Reviews: Oct. 24th-26th

CLOUD Section Review: Wednesday Oct. 24th , Critics: Jeremy Carvalho, Ted Krueger (ACM)


DESIGN Phase I :: Fri. Oct.26th – Weds. Nov.30  

week 1: Formulation of Thesis Proposal and Base Program.
Diagram of Schematic Design Framework.
week 2: General Tectonic Definition of Components.
Selection and depiction of Component.
week 3: Development of Component.
week 4: Deployment Scenario testing and Calibration.

week 5: FINAL Reviews: Nov. 28th-30th

CLOUD Section Review: Wednesday Nov. 28th , Critics: Ted Ngai, Ted Krueger (ACM)



DESIGN Phase II :: Design Development :: Weds. Jan. 23rd – Weds. March 6th
Reviews: Mar. 6th-8th

Production Phase I :: Drawings and Renderings :: Fri. Mar.8th – Weds. Apr.3rd
Reviews: Apr. 3rd-5th

Production Phase II :: Physical Models :: Fri. Apr. 5th – Weds. May 1st
Reviews: May 1st-3rd


Desk Critics general student schedule:



Tyler Hopf

Josh Gerber

John Baker

Andrew Pennacchia

Sarah Goldfarb

Michael Villardi


Itzli Ceja (available before 2p)

Maddy Kotiuga

Kristen Abruzzese

Kylee Besecker

Seth Hepler

Ana Cardenas



Schedule for Saturday September 22nd

10-10.30am: Kylee

10.30-11am: Josh

11-11.30am: Villardi

11.30am-12pm: Andrew

12-12.30pm: Maddy

12.30-1pm: Itzli


1.30-2pm: Sarah

2-2.30pm: Tyler Hopf

2.30-3pm: Ana

3-3.30pm: Kristen Abruzzese










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